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tv   Headline News  RT  October 17, 2013 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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default of are to but only just president obama signs of congress bill to end the u.s. government shutdown but it only kicks of the dead can down the road to fabry. time for america to catch a breath but leaves the country back on the verge of collapse in just a few months more from washington in just a moment. controversy the plight of migrant workers getting the nation's world cup together shines a light on the suffering of other foreign employees in wealthy gulf states. and a look behind the barbed wire our t. gets where it says inside the notorious one tunnel prison. we've heard about it like several movies but you don't really this is a place that people forget about why they don't ever think about it we talked to those working in the guantanamo detention camp who say they actually love their
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jobs. a very warm welcome to you if you've just joined us on our team with me to one would say we're live from moscow to our top story this hour the united states has avoided a potentially catastrophic economic default by the skin of its teeth as and obama has signed a long way to deal that puts the government back on track and races america's borrowing limit but it's just a temporary fix as i mea sonali reports from washington d.c. . well just hours before the deadline the so-called eleventh hour really coming down to the wire here the house of representatives passed the senate bill to raise the debt ceiling and restore government funding after a sixteen day shutdown barely avoiding a default on their almost seventeen trillion dollars in borrowings after the vote
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some bloggers joked see you back here in three months now bats referring to the fact that this is really not a long term solution to the budget crisis the u.s. government is now funded through january fifteenth and keyboards are entering until february seventh but really they just kick the can down the wrote something congress couldn't agree on a budget for the last two years which makes it unlikely three months will be enough for a solution not to mention the damage that's already been done by letting it go this far this shutdown didn't save money it cost money according to standard and poor's twenty four billion dollars the world of course watched washington very closely this week as senator harry reid mentioned wednesday but many might disagree overseas that this last minute agreement shows how responsible america is quite the contrary china already announced the need to americanize the dollar is not the currency the world wants to bet on anymore the i.m.f.
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the world bank the global economy can't afford to come this close. now another interesting point probably could have mustered this support we song shutdown day sixteen back on september thirtieth and the self-inflicted halt on capitol hill would have been avoided altogether. the cost of this and razor thin is stable from default is estimated at twenty billion dollars and it's of the american people who suffered from the when it leaves game between the two political parties before the long awaited bill was paused we gauge reaction from some of these on the other side of capitol hill. it's really frustrating for the american people and for myself to see you know our government be so inefficient it was pretty bad have a shutdown was my job for a little bit. don't even want to go into the patheticness of. our government i think it's very sad we are the people this is for the people people are going to
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remember all this idiocy and foolishness during the shutdown i believe president obama had a plan that he was going to take and punish the american people but he went a little too far in the budget brinkmanship has cost the world's largest economy twenty four billion dollars as well as the trust of investors around the globe for more on the crisis and its impact on the global economy let's talk to the economy professor rodney shakespeare joining me live from london now professor default has been averted but is that good news. nothing has been averted instead there's going to be some sort of meeting between the democrats and the republicans who are two sides of the same. coin and there are three subjects which they will refuse to discuss. the first is the out of control military budget which ought to be cut to one tenth of what it is at the
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moment to bring it in line with comparable nations the second thing is that the system works by exporting jobs they've cut the exported the jobs of about fifty six thousand enterprises over the last eleven years that's five million jobs and each job creates another three that's roughly fifteen million jobs which are not coming back and the third thing which they are not going to discuss at this wonderful. meeting between the democrats and republicans they will not discuss the core of the issue here which is a corrupt way point that by the banking system whose center is the federal reserve instead of like what they will do is they will blame everything on to the poor so you say nothing has been put off nothing has been solved nothing has been addressed
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the situation goes on and ultimately it's going to result in the final collapse of the dollar but that may be a year or two off the moment professor it's only a temporary fix for the u.s. debt ceiling but what happens when america is on the verge of running out of cash again. well the same thing is going to happen as is happening at this moment except that the another two or three months will have passed in which they fail to address the underlying. issues and the vanity and the essence of the corruption of the system will not been addressed so you're going to find some point they will then the well but wake up to the overall level of american debt which is not just a point it's become on repayable and when that happens. and every vote couple slide in the dollar so they kick the can down the road for
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a bit now it may also be difficult for the rest of the world to actually understand why they had been so much last minute drama in washington d.c. before they actually reach an agreement let's just listen to this quickly. and exasperated with the idea bad unless i say to twenty million people you can't have health insurance these folks will not reopen the government is irresponsible they're not focused on you they're focused on politics they're focused on trying to mess with me. they're not focused on you the president said today was if there's unconditional surrender by republicans he'll sit down talk to us that's not the way our government works and provide the shakespeare a domestic squabble that actually held of the world economy economy on it and read
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some can the world community afford to risk that again. world community should continue doing what it is quietly doing at the moment starting to organize it in ways which are separate and outside the west they should do this in the. in the banking agreements some caprice to say that britain nations are creating an optic fiber cable so the banking can be done away from the west they should do this by creating different national and central banks which put interest free money and interest bearing money they should make agreements amongst themselves politically amongst the nonaligned nations is to be politically agreements economic agreements and financial agreements they they must accept but the west is now its economic power is in decline its political power is in decline and as for america's moral authority forget it they are putting out
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poisonous depleted uranium they are attacking they are assassinating they have no moral authority or whatsoever everybody else to get on with organizing themselves separately away from the pariah states which are now the usa israel saudi arabia with the poodles which are the u.k. and france i say to the rest of the world get although it organize yourselves and don't give up the corrupt out of date system which no longer is providing adequate leadership professor of economics not rodney shakespeare the speaking to us giving us his insight into what is happening the in america. in the meantime tempers are running high in washington as lawmakers cost their votes to break the government standstill an extraordinary performance played out in the house of representatives is so not of began shouting as of the house approved the
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number of votes needed to pass the bill with what witnesses described as a quote a crazed look on her face now the incident prompted a moment of chaos because before the woman was removed from the chamber. and we've also been discussing america's a narrow escape from a default away of a panel of guests. the american economy still remains the largest in the world. the problem is the reality so the americans can't be trusted anymore that's just a quick taste so you can catch more debates and opinions from moscow hong kong and london after this break. also coming up greg glimpse inside guantanamo as our correspondent gets unique access to the infamous facility that's caused a decade of fear and a few restate with us here on our t.v. .
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interview. dramas that try to be ignored. stories others refuse to notice. so it's a strange world. to picture.
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from around the globe. with more international news of this now i've talked to a number of experts today on our top story the majority of them are all but relaxed over the u.s. deal only delaying another risk of default as richard aynesworth the c.e.o. of a universal credit group explains our america hasn't actually averted the catastrophe . obviously the american dollar is the largest quantity of currency in the world the american economy still remains the largest in the world. the problem is the reality that the americans can't be trusted anymore whereas over the last fifty
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years or so the americans have been predictable they have kept to their laws they have. paid back all of their obligations this time around in reality america did default it defaulted on its obligations to its own people it defaulted on obligations it had made in law when it set up laws and. certain programs that needed to be funded seaquest ration actually didn't fund those laws so there was a default the problem for the rest of the world is that we have to create other structures we have to create them we can't look for them we have to train them and that's that's the that's the problem for today and what do you make of what richard just said america did not default it hasn't defaulted and i believe that even if it did not i'm sorry aguilar. if you. but
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a default and pins money which is money it's in it's a promise it's a promise that i will exchange this for goods or services of equivalent worth but that money is if it's value this what america's done is it didn't fold in so much as it's going to pay its bills nevertheless it's undermined trust that promise that they will pay and this is damaging i mean in the short term it costs nothing because they're going to pay up like they should do but in the longer they're undermining their reputation yes the power of the u.s. is diminished its power of sonia edges been diminished we won't be able to think to see a repeat of what president nixon said in the ninety's sixty's but it's our dollar and your problem i think over time it will be increasingly a pro. for the united states but we should keep a sense of perspective here that timeframe is more likely twenty years it's certainly not twenty minutes or twenty hours it is taking place it will continue to take place ok let's all recall what the deal actually is now and now the debt
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ceiling has been raised beyond its seventeen trillion dollars the deal reopens the government until generate fifteenth and allows it to continue borrowing until february the seventh now will no bubble eventually explode what will this mean for the rest of us were this of was so disappointing is because everybody is focused on the wrong problem america's g.d.p. is now one hundred four percent or more and that's an unsustainable level and what needs to be is to bring that on this whole question of refining some of it misses the point that the problem is how do we get rid of this in the first place and then this whole question of raising the debt ceiling will go away i don't you know the government in the states focuses on the problem and does something about it which is growing the economy is the easiest way to solve it until they do that then we're going to have rip. going because it's become a political issue in the way that it never never was before. to another top story
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everyone may know the name of america's most notorious prison but few know what really happens behind the barbed wire at guantanamo r.t. has been given rare access to the facility that's been indefinitely detaining terrorist suspects without charge for more than a decade take a listen. after a few months of people worked to get cleared to visit the base the trip to get mobile hop and a skip from the big apple to fort lauderdale in florida and from there were short hour and a half flight one largely kept under wraps with no indications of it on departure boards. the minute we landed were greeted by escorts who stay with us every step of our trip the special guantanamo joint task force media team. one of them sergeant rebecca wood far from the stereotypical face you might imagine working at a place like this controversial military base as we soon learned the first of many surprises this is
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a really big break for me in my career from my military resume the people i work with every day day they share the same idea like they're all very proud to be here she joined the u.s. military a decade ago with no money for college a twenty eight one ton a most her second deployment you've heard about it like several movies but you don't really it is just a place that people forget about only they don't ever think about it getting to the main part of the base is a slow pace trip we have to wait for a ferry to take us across the bay and are taken to visit a beach first one of a handful of scenic locations you wouldn't really expect here we're going to see the logic area now it's about a twenty minute ferry ride one side of the one on the bay area where the airport is . several replies and says but the main part of the people the and the detention camp are over their head and given a circulation guantanamo isn't quite what we anticipated as we approach the meeting area it's interesting to note that to be unsuspecting this place looks just like
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another tropical island with an american flag you would never be told that this is the place policy one of the native states torrijos residents village in the area were taken to is like any typical hotel with palm trees and a marina right out the window first impressions this can't be the place that has been casting a long shot. in america's human rights image for over a decade where torture allegations hunger strikes and force feeding have been making headlines i remember when i moved here i thought i would just see like people in orange jumpsuits and fences everywhere but i mean the families all stay on one side and the rest kind of happens on another the other side as where total of seven hundred seventy nine detainees of america's war on terror have been kept since two thousand and two a total of one hundred sixty four now remaining at a whopping eight hundred thousand taxpayer dollars for a detainee per year even though more than half of them have been cleared for release but we are in a remote location that factors into the cost it cost what it cost to do it right
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what doing it right only means to those running america's most infamous detention facility and what lays beyond the picture perfect scenery all the realities of guantanamo in our reports to follow and. one ton of cuba. we've been keeping a close eye on how the situation is unfolding in and around the guantanamo bay facility on our website at r.t. dot com for the full timeline of events and more updates on the story. write the scene. first rate. and i think you're. on our reporters. in. the in the.
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u.s. so with us here on our team trapped and terrified migrants in qatar have been speaking about the desperation they enduring there are more than eighty million in the country many of whom are working flat out to get the prestigious a world cup event ready is not the only gulf state where the migrant population is larger in proportion. to the locals now let's take a look at this both could top and at the united arab emirates have migrant population of over eighty percent then you have kuwait as well with only over seventy percent about seven out of ten workers are still of foreigners while in oman in saudi arabia migrants make up to thirty percent of the population so if you take a look at a glimpse of the whole region the number of migrant workers there is about eighteen million of them a total are out of the total of a population of just about forty two million total cilia was in qatar and has more on how the world cup focus is drawing the world's eyes to migraine sufferer. the
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reno to organize. the dreaded two fifth's are both cup is covered. but the initial celebration and prestigious have been overshadowed by ford workers claims of maltreatment not getting paid any good at not being allowed to leave the country the international trade union confederation claims that about four thousand migrants could die before a football is kicked in twenty twenty two the worker becomes the property of the employer they are not allowed to leave the country they're not even allowed to leave the job unless the employer agrees this means that the workers have no real power no real voice. for crap very very bad working and living conditions zire balloonist knows this all too well a french football player who arrived in qatar in two thousand and seven he says he
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hadn't been paid for more than two years he filed a lawsuit to claim unpaid wages and says his club then we fused to give him an exit visa unless he dropped the case. when i went to the tribunals i never imagined that i wouldn't be able to leave the country i didn't think they would block me my wife is depressed and she can't work i thought of going on hunger strike but my lawyers told me not to they already hurt me and a hunger strike would only hurt my wife and kids enough is enough. blueness is high profile story isn't the first either. doesn't change its ways the courage to say that in two thousand and twenty two we will have the world cup of shame the world cup of slavery believe this in the meantime it continues to hope his problems will soon be resolved i'll have to stop playing football they ended my career mentally i don't see myself playing and then i'll have to see what to do with my life. r.t.
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. more of the world's are made news of for you and now firefighters in thailand are still trying to battle the mess of column of fire at a shopping center in although many of the thousands of people inside managed to escape unharmed rescue workers expect to find bodies in the complex once the flames are out locals were forced to leave their homes due to exploding gas tanks inside the building as well as at a nearby petrol station. a suicide bomber in pakistan has shot his way into the residence of a provincial government minister killing the official and at least nine guess who were celebrating the end of the muslim holy day the blast also wounded more than thirty others and is the most high profile political assassination by the islamist insurgency the this year no one has admitted to the massacre but suspicion is likely to form on the taliban. the spanish activists on hunger strike they're calling for the government to quit for allowing the economy to deteriorate in the.
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camp in a square in central madrid and have been refusing food for five days among them a twenty five year old civil engineering graduate from bilbo who's a fruitless search for any work led him to raise awareness for spain's four point seven million unemployed. iran and the world powers i hailing this week nuclear talks as of progress when have agreed to continue in november the details of the deal are being kept secret political commentator iran expert it's all about poor says it's too early to celebrate the end of the stalemate. let's hope that that can translate into something substantial but at this point. again from what we hear there's nothing much out there yet. i don't see them lifting the sanctions anytime soon unless they see iran completely give up its rights all the demands it
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has and basically subjugate itself. iran's foreign minister said the results of the negotiations will hopefully begin a new phase in relations between iran and the six powers so i have told us that to run it is willing to make concessions but it won't be bullied by the west think iran would be more than happy to cooperate under the right circumstances i don't believe that it would allow us to be bullied into taking actions that are frankly not acknowledged nothing has changed very much from the way i see it other than a display of optimism. dramatic video has emerged from delhi at the quake that struck the philippines. a church crumbles as the seven point two magnitude quake hit the country it is that sustained one hundred forty lives or so far we have eyewitness images of the
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tragedy. from deep space to deep water this often a chunk of meteorite has been recovered from a russian lake bed we've got video of a celestial same as rescue in our. information section. up ahead to we examined the dot secrets surrounding the gulf of mexico oil disaster one of the worst spills in history stay with us you're watching. you know as i look more and more into it i find that there were a lot of myths and exaggerations about what happened in russia during the soviet era however one really bad rumor seems to be true if you were an outspoken advocate
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against the soviet status quo then you could be considered insane and be locked away until the psychiatrist convinced you that khrushchev was brilliant scary stuff but sadly famous grammy award winning singer lauryn hill might be living the life of a soviet dissident right now she was convicted of failing to pay five hundred thousand dollars in taxes but strangely according to the international business times she was ordered to undergo psychiatric counseling because she believes in conspiracy theories related to the music industry who wrote in her own tumblr account that the music industry is manipulated and controlled by a media protected military industrial complex this is a strong accusation from hill but in. actually irrelevant if it is true or not you see punishments are supposed to fit the crime and the crime of tax evasion should not have a punishment of mandatory counseling or as more paranoid types like me like to call it reprogramming ovi are usually trivial this celebrity case actually sets a dangerous legal precedent but that's just my opinion.
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story be beaming ins in iran. the british geologists discovered iran was sitting on an emotional boil and they decided they would take and they formed the anglo persian oil company and made a corrupt deal with the iranian monarchy. they guaranteed itself all over iran's oil. shortly after that the british government bought fifty one percent of the company and of the suggestion of winston churchill the british navy switched from coal to oil. the warships the project the british power all of the world were now run one hundred percent wrong. and then in one thousand fifteen to go ronnie ins
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decided to take their oil. the democratically elected government of prime minister mohammad most attack nationalize the anglo iranian oil company. he banished all the british diplomats and along with them the secret agents who were plotting his overthrow so prime minister churchill asked president eisenhower to overthrow most and act on their behalf the cia and the british helped stage the coup that ended the last democratic government in iran ever. after most of that was overthrown he was sentenced to three years in the president and house arrest for life. after the cia deposed most at the place mohammad raise ashot power the shah ruled for twenty.